Akhada to Gymnasium: Mudgal and Gada


Birth of akhadas

This is that group of sadhus who are proficient in weaponry. According to the saints associated with the akhadas, the akhadas were born to persuade those who do not believe in the scriptures. These Akharas have also played an important role in the freedom struggle. After independence, these akhadas had given up their military character.

If we see in today’s context, fitness is a necessity than a craze, bodybuilding is very popular among youngsters. Thinking about an AC gym, use the same set of Dumbells used by the fitness buddies in the previous batches, loud noise, fast number Punjabi songs, protein shakes, and other supplements, some of us may find it unhealthier.

I always used to think about exercising early morning in the open air with gada and mudgal must be a special experience for the Pahlawan. just then I happened to see premium outdoor fitness types of equipment, hanuman gadas and mudgals made of Bavnagari teak on e-commerce platform indic brands.

Mudgal at Indic Brands

Traditional way of keeping oneself fit is a very good initiative.

Handle Bar Private Limited is a health and wellness umbrella company that provides fitness solutions under the name Yuvraj Bhavnagar Fitness Solutions (YBFS) which includes, setting up personal and commercial use gyms and health centers, designing fitness spaces tailored to client’s needs, sourcing fitness equipment and fitness as well as nutrition consultancy for weight loss, bodybuilding and overall well-being.

Additionally, the company also handles social media management for professionals; Helps set up fitness institutes, and assists in the import-export of health goods.

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