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One of the oldest civilizations in the world, the Indian civilization, has a strong tradition of science and technology. Many theories and techniques discovered by ancient Indians have created and strengthened the fundamentals of modern science and technology. Astronomy deals with the physical movements of planets and stars seen by the eyes and Astrology deals with the effects it has on our lives. Astrology deals with the probability of manifestation of dimensions in human beings – the nature, extent, and the time of such manifestations being dictated through planetary positions and their motions which serve as coordinates. Astrological beliefs in correspondences between celestial observations and terrestrial events have influenced various aspects of human history, including world-views, language, and many elements of social culture.


Astrology was incorporated into the ancient education system as one of the prime subjects including lessons on Astronomy, planetary motions, and other allied subjects. Forecasting the future event with various astrological interpretations was in vogue during this period. Indian astronomy and astrology developed together. The earliest treatise on Jyotisha, the Bhrigu Samhita was compiled by the Sage Bhrigu during the Vedic Era. The Sage Bhirgu is also called the ‘Father of Hindu Astrology’ and is one of the venerated Saptarishi or seven Vedic sages. Vedic astrology shows the understanding of life, the journey of the spirit from past to present life, effects of karma on the present life, doshas and remedies, and many more. Ancient sages like Vashistha, Bhrigu, and Garga were the masters of astrology and made many true predictions.

Books on Indian Astrology

Aspects in Vedic Astrology

This book, Aspects in Vedic Astrology, deals with the effects of Aspects between different planets. The interpretation is presented simply so that even those who are at the threshold of Astrology have no difficulty following it. Through astrologers are well aware that it is the aspects between planets that have been planets that add detail and definition to a birth chart, there has been no single work that deals comprehensively with the theory and delineation of aspects in Vedic Astrology. This book fills a void by providing a clear and concise treatment of the subject.

The authors have drawn their material from the ancient and medieval classics of Vedic astrology, preserving the wisdom of the sages as well as granting their readers a wealth of insight into how the ancient dictums may be applied to contemporary life.

Astro-Wisdom: The knowledge, Love and Power in your Stars

Your Emotional Intent-putting you in physical and emotional touch with the power and meaning of your personal life. Divine Do’s and Don’ts-showing the essential dynamics to your well-being which you can direct positively. The Zodiacal Life stream – connecting you with the living energy and greater meaning of your Star Sign. Laws of Relating-revealing how each Sign relates and what issues predominate in your relationships. As Time Goes By – planetary cycles; your ‘lucky’ years (Jupiter Cycle); your emotional tides (Lunar cycle), life’s lessons and progression (Saturn cycle), and your mid-life crisis (Uranus cycle.)

The Surya Siddhanta: A Text Book of Hindu Astronomy

The oldest and most important treatise of the post-Christian period on Indian Astronomy that has come down to us is the Surya Siddhanta consisting of 14 chapters written in slokas. Alberuni says that Lata was the author of this work. According to the introductory verses Surya the Sun-God revealed it to Asura Maya in Romaka.

Retrograde Planets : Traversing the Inner Landscape

“Geocentricity might well be egocentricity.” The phenomenon of retrograde motion is based on our Earth-centered view of the solar system, but the movement and cycles of retrograde planets are based entirely on the apparent motion of the Sun through the zodiac. This book organizes and explains retrograde motion from a systems-viewpoint-the system of the Sun and planets and interprets retrograde planets naturally, by progression, and in transit.

Erin Sullivan has penetrated the veil of myths, mystery, and false assumptions about the geocentric phenomenon of retrograde motion for students of astrology. She has carefully outlined the system of retrograde motion and applied it to both natal horoscopes and transit cycles. Through her research and experience with client cases, Sullivan has explored all the possible cycles within cycles that retrograde planets perform. She has interpreted those movements in a way that is immediately useful to both novice and professional astrologers and provides psychological and mundane interpretations of retrograde planets.

Astrology in Buddhism

The ultimate purpose of Buddhism is to serve and benefit humanity therefore Buddhist ideas have a positive contribution to make human society whether in the East or the West. People who use astrology regularly may derive beneficial inspiration from the Buddhist practices of mindfulness, compassion, and wisdom as they make their decisions.

Astrology, Psychology and the Four Elements

This recognized classic of modern astrology is truly a pioneering book. It established a new science of astrological psychology. It presents a language of energy that has enabled astrology to be widely and reliably used in the helping professions as well as by the general public. As Library Journal stated, “Transcending the boundaries of separate disciplines, this work represents a major distillation of astrological principles.” This book relates astrology to modern psychology and explains the use of astrology as a practical method of understanding one’s atonement to universal forces. It clearly shows how to approach astrology with a real understanding of the energies involved.

The Timing of Events

The Timings of Events fulfils an essential gap in classical astrological literature. The ancient seers with yogic siddhis did not need rules for predicting future events. They clairvoyantly saw the future course of events. The astrological principles are given for those who are not so evolved. The astrological principle aims at helping those who are interested to live a life according to the evolutionary course of their everyday life. . The present study does not try to present any new theory on the subject but its primary aim is to compile together, giving in one place the most popular principles on the subject.

Astrology: A New Age Guide

This book is intended as a guide for all those who want to use astrology’s ancient wisdom to gain greater insights into themselves. It is not aimed at advanced students of the occult, but is written for the average man and woman who seek personal answers to the timeless questions: Who am I? Why am I? What is my role in the greater scheme of existence?

An Astrological Guide to Heal Yourself

Rediscover an ancient healing tradition and design your health plan. An Astrological Guide to Heal Yourself unites two of the Earth’s oldest traditions; herb lore and astrology in the modern incarnation. A simple and comprehensive guide to managing health at your level. Learn which specific foods and herbs to take for your zodiac sign. Discover the healing properties of seventy herbs. Learn how to prepare teas, tinctures, cough drops, and salves. Treat different emotional and spiritual conditions with easy-to-prepare flower and herbal essences. Learn the proper way to harvest and use 60 different herbs.


Astrology, in its broadest sense, is the search for human meaning in the sky; it seeks to understand general and specific human behaviour through the influence of planets and other celestial objects. Many believe that an understanding of the influence of the planets and stars on earthly affairs allows them to both predict and affect the destinies of individuals, groups, and nations. In countries such as India, astrology manages to retain its position among the sciences, astronomy is still popular as it brings comfort to predicting the future and the possibility to change it.

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