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  • Women Owned & NGOs
  • Make In India Brands
  • Exemplary Solo Creators
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Purposeful goods and gifts crafted by hand for home and life.

We offer 3000+ Unique Products from 100+ Curated Vendors which are adding value to society and our life. With each purchase you make, you can help make a difference.

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We help you make an impact with each purchase

We’re committed to carrying products from brands that are working for preserving our cultural heritage.

Shop By Cause and Value

  • Indology, History and Hinduism
    We have collection of best books to read and to get inspired
  • Art, Culture and Heritage
    Artifacts, processes and symbols of our vibrant culture and diversity
  • Indic Life Style
    Ayurveda, Herbal, Organic and All things connected to nature

Help us secure future of our culture, heritage and Art

Indic Brands Supports and Create opportunity for Exemplary Businesses and Entrepreneurs across different domains.

Consider us an ideal Gifting Option of products about Indian Culture. You can buy from 2500+ books, 100s of Dresses and Jewellery, and Unique Make India Toys, Indian Gymming Tools, Environment-friendly products for daily use, and a wide range of Beauty Products.


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