A Complete Guide To Managing Stress


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The term stress has found everyday usages in our vocabulary/parlance and is increasingly becoming a topic for discussion at various platforms and as yet, a clear-cut definition for this phenomenon remains elusive.

A practical definition explains stress as “when the problem presented by everyday life exceeds your resources for coping with them you feel stressed.”

The text has been divided into two parts-1. Stress, and 2. Meditation. These have been discussed under various chapterheads which comprise:

*Understanding Stress

*The Psychology and Physiology of Stress

*Managing Stress

*Dealing with Stress

*Other Stress Management Techniques

*Making Meditation More Effective

*The Scientific Perspective

*Preksha Meditation System.


About the Author(s)

Dr. Bimal Chhajer, MD, is a consultant cardiologist and cardiac rehabilitation expert who is also the founder and director of Saaol Heart Center in Delhi. Dr. Chhaher is a pioneer in treatment of coronary heart disease by a combination of lifestyle modification and medical drugs. He advocates yoga, meditation, stress management, exercises, diet modification as a substitute of bypass surgery and angioplasty. His workshops are held regularly in all the major metro cities.

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