A Guide To Energy-Based Healing


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A Guide to Energy-Based Healing provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about energy-based healing. What kind of techniques are available? Is healing temporary, or can energy-based healing techniques provide a permanent cure? What does a healer really do? Is healing a special gift for only a few, or can anyone learn to be a healer? This easy-to-follow guide is your introduction to several energy-based healing techniques including: Reiki, Healing Touch, Inner Light Consciousness Meditation, Ro-Hun Transformational Therapy, Healing with Color and Sound, Spiritual Regression and more. Find out which methods work best for you and how to integrate them into a holistic healing program.


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Howard F. Batie (Washington) is a retired naval officer and satellite communications engineer. He is now in practice as an energy-based healing therapist, instructor, and director of the Evergreen Healing Arts Center in Chehalis, Washington.

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