Kanvasatapathabrahmanam (Vol. 4)


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It is for the first time that a complete critical edition of the

Satapathabrahmana of the Kanva School of the Sukla Yajurveda alongwith its

English translation is published. This edition has taken into account the

readings available in a few more manuscripts, besides those in the

published edition in Telugu script, which were not available to Prof.

Caland who brought out a critical edition of its first seven Kandas. It is

also the first attempt at providing a complete English translation. No

doubt the texts of the Satapatha of the Madhyandina and Kanva School do not

differ much from Kandas VIII to XVI and Prof. Eggeling’s translation of the

former is available. Still a fresh attempt at translating the latter

portion was felt necessary as a result of detailed discussions with

traditional scholars who are actively engaged in Srauta sacrificial


Textual Notes to substantiate the choice of particular readings; a

section under the heading Vimarsa discussing certain selected topics

arising out of a study of the text; an exhaustive list of contents,

Brahmana-wise and Glossary of technical terms are some of the additional

features of this attempt. The suggestions and guideance of traditional

scholars who are experts in Srautayagas are the most important advantages

of this edition.


“….a scholarly feast for those interested in critical study of scriptures.” – Pathway to God

“The volume marks the next step in a most valuable publication project…..The translation offers a lucid English counterpart of the original…..Its interpr

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