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About the book:
Nāṭyāyana – A Journey of Dance from Bhāva to Rasa’ truly describes the plethora of feelings like dreams, efforts, successes, failures, hopes, surprises, challenges, excitement, exhaustion etc. in the journey of any ardent pursuer of art, beginning from the learning of the form to the realisation of Rasa. Nāṭyāyana is a title to the ‘life sketch’ of every striving dancer in that way. The first section titled ‘Nāṭyāntaḥ-śodha(Dance: The Research)’ comprises of the research articles on fundamental concepts of the technical terminologies. In the second section titled ‘Nāṭya-bhārata (Dance: The Perspectives), the technical and aesthetic aspects are specifically given a personal and a social angle to make themrelevant to the journeys at the micro (individual) and the macro (society) levels. This book is meant to cater to the interests of any dancer, dance researcher, connoisseur, and art lover.
Published by Noopura Bhramari
Reviews :
“Going through the writings of Dr. Shobha Shashikumar, I feel that the study of Indian dance has attained philosophical maturity… she has established the homogeneity of her soulful performance and profound research.”
– Śatāvadhāni Dr. R Ganesh
(from Foreword of the book)
Dr. Shobha Shashikumar is a profound artiste who has been working on a parallel dance paradigm since many years. She is an accomplished academic whose artistry has a research bent of mind. She is one among the few artistes who have successfully bridged the gap between theory and practice without compromising the creativity in her. These attributes fill in a unique texture to her choreography. To complete the artiste in her, she is a very approachable person who has the simplicity to appreciate art in others too.
– Guru B. Bhanumati (Late)
Renowned Dance Guru & Danseuse
Artistic Director – Bhanumati Nrityakalamandiram, Bengaluru
(from Testimonials in the book)
The confluence of theory and practice in Bharatanāṭya is one which was nearly forgotten and now revived by scholars like Dr Shobha. It will enrich the field, opening vistas not known by mere practitioners… Shobha has viewed the subject ‘dance’ from many angles.
– Dr. Lalitha Srinivasan
Renowned Dance Guru & Researcher
Director – Nupura, Bengaluru
(from Testimonials in the book)

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