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Ratnakar hair oil is a HAIR TONIC containing 5 powerful oils and green herbs. It addresses common problems of hair. It keeps hair healthy, and It protects and repairs the damages caused by pollution and sun rays. Effective in hair fall, starts processes of regrowth. Suitable for all types of hair.


Your favourite and trusted herbal ayurvedic skin and hair care brand Angraag has restocked its range of products (now packed with even more pow-wow, and how!)

Handcrafted, with only the choicest ingredients, this range brings together the culmination of centuries-old knowledge utilised by Mughal and Rajasthani royalty, passed down through literature and our grannies’ remedies / “nuskhas”. We even keep true to the traditional extraction methods such as cold compression and distilling the herbs with milk to draw out all the goodness; a rarity in today’s day and age.

Our products are 100% naturally sourced and free of any harmful additives; as safe as they are effective. Pamper yourself like the queen you are and become your most radiant, youthful, and nourished version yet, without having to conceal.

The Following products are now available for purchase.

Face Creams

– Shuchi :
brightening day cream for oily skin

Shuchi Face Cream

– Shambhavi :
anti-aging, spot correcting, anti-acne night cream for dry skin

Shambhavi Face Cream

– Shiva-Tatwa :
nourishing, brightening eye-cream

Shiva-Tatwa Face Cream

Face Pack

– Hiranmayi :
skin tightening, brightening exfoliant pack that helps with oil control and heals sun damage too

Hiranmayi Face Pack

Face/Body Scrub

– Shivakari :
Fruity-floral scrub to exfoliate away dead skin, revealing younger, softer, brighter skin

Shivakari face scrub


– Raktabh :
100% heena-based colorant, that conditions hair, strengthens roots, and soothes the scalp

Raktabh Heena 200 gm

Hair Color

– Keshranjak :
100% natural hair color that turns lighter hair black, helps prevent hair fall, while preserving the natural oils in hair (smells great too :))

Keshranjak Hair Color

Hair Pack

– Deergh Keshi Kesh Pack
One-stop-shop for all your hair needs; lengthens, strengthens, darkens, and conditions hair

Deergh Keshi Organic Hair Pack

Hair Oils

– Kadambini :
Anti-dandruff and anti-breakage oil that promotes hair regrowth

Kadambini Hairfall Therapy Oil 100 ml

– Kamayani :
Volumizes, lengthens, and strengthens hair

Kamayani Hairfall Therapy Oil 100 ml

– Kalindi :
Harnesses the power of Gooseberry (Amla) to restore the shine in the hair and strengthen them from the roots. Prevents premature greying

Kalindi Oil 100 ml

– Ratnakar :
Adds shine and bounce to any hair type, while helping mitigate almost all hair/scalp concerns

Ratnakar Oil 100 ml

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