Retrograde Planets: Traversing the Inner Landscape


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“Geocentricity might well be egocentricity.” The phenomenon of retrograde

motion is based on our Earth-centered view of the solar system, but the

movement and cycles of retrograde planets are based entirely on the

apparent motion of the Sun through the zodiac. This book organizes and

explains retrograde motion from a systems-viewpoint-the system of the Sun

and planets-and interprets retrograde planets natally, by progression, and

in transit.

Erin Sullivan has penetrated the veil of myths, mystery, and false

assumptions about the geocentric phenomenon of retrograde motion for

students of astrology. She has carefully outlined the system of retrograde

motion and applied it to both natal horoscopes and transiting cycles.

Through her research and experience with client cases, Sullivan has

explored all the possible cycles within cycles that retrograde planets

perform. She has interpreted those movements in a way that is immediately

apparent and useful to both novice and professional astrologer, and

provides both psychological and mundane interpretations of retrograde



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