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sri shiva koti lakshu book
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Bhakta Manjunatha was conceived in Dharmasthali to a group of Shaiva Hindu Brahmins and was consistently a man of good character, yet was a skeptic who offended Sri Manjunatha since the time he was pretty much nothing. He ran a neighborhood wrestling school and took an interest in vigilantism as opposed to working in his family’s cooking business and taking an interest in strict conventions. Later in his life, he understood the godliness of Sri Manjunatha and turned into a fervent enthusiast of Sri Rudradeva. At that point, one day when Bhakta Manjunatha and his family visited the nearby Sri Manjunatha sanctuary, a couple of occurrences happened which were deciphered as terrible signs and each and every blessed deepa (frustrated light) on the sanctuary premises got dim. The other sanctuary goers at that point denounced Bhakta Manjunatha as the reason. By and by, Maharaja Ambikeshwaravarma, a nearby emissary for the decision Rastrakuta Tradition and another Shaiva fan, happened to be in participation when that occurred and immediately suppressed the horde. He at that point drew closer Manjunatha to demonstrate his guiltlessness by making each deepa shine once more. Bhakta Manjunatha sang the reverential melody Mayakaya Deepam by Maharshi Veda Vyasa and made them sparkle more brilliant than at any other time. Everybody understood that Manjunatha was a changed man and was the best enthusiast of Sri Maheshwara. He is accepted to have offended Sri Manjunatha ten million times in the course of his life. In this way, to absolve himself of his past sins, Bhakta Manjunatha, under the support of Maharaja Ambikeshwaravarma and the assistance of his family, made ten million lingas.
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The Contents of the book Stotra Ratna Haaram : Shree ganEsha pancharatnam, shree sarasvatee stotram, Shree lingaaSHTakam, Shree vaidyanaathaaSHTakam, shree raajaraajEshvareeaSHTakam, sEvee aparaadhaKSHammaapaNastOtram, shree raamashlOkam, shree hanumaan stutihi, navagraha stOtram.
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