The Brhad-Devata (2 Vols.)


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Brhat-devata is an index of the ‘many gods’, a much more extensive work than any of the other Anukramanis, as it contains about 1200 slokas interspersed with occasional tristubhs. It is divided into eight adhyayas corresponding to the astakas of the Rg-veda. Following the order of the Rg-veda, its main object is to state the deity for each verse. But as it contains a large number of illustrative myths and legends, it is of great value as an early collection of stories. A peculiarity of this work is that it refers to a number of supplementary hymns (khilas) which do not form part of the canonical text of the Rg-veda. Part I is critically edited in the original Sanskrit with an introduction and seven appendices and Part II contains English translation and notes.


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