The Tibetan Medicine and your Health


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Tibetan medicine is one of the greatest legacies of Tibetan Buddhist civilization. It is a system

that can contribute substantially to maintaining a healthy mind and a healthy body. Like the

traditional Indian and Chinese systems, Tibetan medicine views health as a question of balance. A variety of circumstances such as diet, lifestyle, seasonal and mental conditions can disturb this natural balance, which gives rise to different kinds of disorders.

As an integrated system of health-care Tibetan medicine has served the Tibetan people well for many centuries and it can still provide much benefit to humanity at large. The difficulty we face in bringing this about is one of communication, for, like other scientific systems, Tibetan medicine must be understood in its own terms, as well as in the context of objective investigation.

This book is a compilation of articles and talks by qualified Tibetan physicians and scholars of

Tibetan medicine, who in addition to their traditional training in Tibet and India have been exposed to a modern scientific environment. Therefore, this book will be of great benefit to

serious students of Tibetan medicine, as well as providing an opportunity for general readers to

appreciate this valuable but sometimes overlooked aspect of the Tibetan cultural heritage.

Tibetan medicine is about 2500 years old. And some of its elements are even older, about 5000 years or more. The author had a cancer treatment with serious and chronic side effects, and turned to alternative medicine for help. A Tibetan friend had a dream of getting a Tibetan doctor to Norway, and this is how it all started, in 1986, with Dr. Lobsang Wangyal, personal physician of H.H. the Dalai Lama who visited Norway, treating patients with diverse chronic illness, many of whom got remarkable results. The book describes the philosophy of Tibetan medicine in general, and Diagnosis and Treatment, Diet, Rheumatism, Arthritis, Heart Diseases, Asthma, Skin Diseases, Cancer, Head-aches, AIDS, Psychiatry and more on the basis of the interaction of the author with Tibetan doctors.


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Tove Langemyr Larsen born in Norway, was educated in literature and economy in England. She is a freelance Journalist and author of crossword puzzles.

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