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Welcome to Indic Brands, Welcome to better economic opportunities

We are committed to promote the goods manufactured in India and offer the wonderful shopping experience to the buyers.

The Mission of Indic Brands is to connect the Indian manufacturers to the buyers and offer hassle-free logistics to both the buyers and sellers. Indic Brand aspires to become a global leader in eCommerce portals. The main objective of Indic Brand is to provide access to technology to medium, small and micro-scale vendors for socio-economic development while offering a wider range of economically viable items at the buyer’s doorstep.

We at Indic Brand are committed to creating economic opportunities for the manufacturers, traders, technological and logistic partners by bringing them together at one platform.

Discover Indic Brand’s Journey

January 2020
Got started as Hindu Media Wiki Social Organization to gather like minded people for our Indic cause.
August 2021
Launched Our For Profit Venture Indic Brands Online!
January 2022
Incorporated as LokHeytu Private Limited, Crossed our 100 orders and Lauching new version of the site.

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