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Low Fees

It doesn’t take much to list your items
and once you make a sale, Indic Brand’s
the processing fee is just 10%.
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Powerful Tools

Our tools and services make it easy
to manage, promote and grow your
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Support 24/7

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Easy to start selling online on Indic Brands just 4 simple steps. Empowering users with technology means we can do more, together.

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Register and list your products

  • Register your business by signing up as vendor for free and create a product catalogue. Get free support on how to run your online business at each step.
  • Our Indic Brands On Boarding Advisors will help you at every step and fully assist you in taking your business online
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Receive orders and sell your product

  • You can start receiving the orders without worrying of payment process, payment gateways etc. Our Payment Infrastructure is very scalable and support all payment methods across India and in other countries.
  • You have total control of your inventory, catalogue and product features. Its very easy to add, update and transfer to and from other platforms.
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Package and ship with ease

  • You just need to package your product in a way which suits you and your product needs, we do not impose any branding requirement and yes we really wish if you use green packaging
  • We take care of shipping of the product, you just need to apply a label that we would sent on the final package and our person will pickup from your location.
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Get payments and grow your business

  • You will get your Payments in 12 working days, in your preferred method.
  • Selling with us will make sure you are getting much required online visibility, added business and yes confidence of taking your business to next level.


Affordable, transparent, and secure

It doesn’t cost anything to list your product on Indic Brands! We take 15% of processing fees on your final sales price and we believe that It’s just a small percent of the money you earn.
0 ₹
Listing Fee
Processing Fee

Here's what you get for your fee:

  • A worldwide community of more than 160 million possible shoppers.
  • Shipping labels you can print at home, with will responsibility of shipping on our head.
  • Seller protection and customer support to help you sell your stuff.
We process payments with Razorpay, an Excellent payments platform that allows you to process transactions with a variety of payment methods. Funds you earned from sales on Indic Brands will be deposited into your preferred account and payment method.

We pay the 2.5% payment processing fees on behalf of you, all these are included in the 10% processing fees we charge on final sales.  That’s why we say that we are most transparent and affordable platform.


See Seller share about their successful on Indic Brands

We have covered all your questions in detailed Tutorials to get started

How to start selling on Indic Brands

In today’s market, having an online presence is required for retailers. There’s an opportunity to go global like never before. Indicbrands gives you a platform that helps you establish yourself and your brand. This article will guide you through the steps you need to follow to become a vendor and start selling on Indicbrands. Register…

How to add Variations in Product like size, color, etc?

Variable products are a product type that lets you offer a set of variations on a product with control over prices, stock, image, and more for each variation. They can be used for a product like a T-Shirt, dresses which you can offer in different colors and sizes. This article will guide you through how…


Here are some common questions about selling on Indic Brands

How do fees work on Indic Brands?

Joining and starting a shop on Indic Brands is free. There is only one basic selling fee: A processing fee.

Once an item sells, there is a 10% processing fee on the sale price (including all other costs like payment fee, shipping processing fees, hosting, service, etc).

What do I need to do to create a shop?

It’s easy to set up a shop on Indic Brands. Create an Indic Brands Vendor account (if you don’t already have one), set your shop address, payment information, choose a shop name, create a listing, set the prices!

So you just need your product information like description, good photos and your selling price ready

How do I get paid?

You just need bank account information or UPI ids to get paid in your account. We will process your account from our end as soon as sales happen.

Do I need a GST Number or Business Registration to create a shop?

No, you do not require any of such papers/registration/qualifications to create a shop and get started with selling. We believe that as a responsible and sincere citizen of the country you will take care of your taxation. Also on another hand, we ensure you all legality would be taken care of by Indic Brands.

What can I sell on Indic Brands?

Indic Brands provides a marketplace for all Indian brands to sell their creations and both handmade and non-handmade products. We are open to all products (within legal boundaries) that are “Made In India”.

If you still have a doubt regarding if your product fits in our mission, please feel free to call us anytime.

Still have more questions? Feel free to contact us.

It's time to start making money.

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