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Seema started her entrepreneurial journey of skin care and hair care with herbal products in 1989.  She opened her herbal beauty parlor but when she saw people using harmful chemicals resulting in hair loss and skin disease, she started her research about the herbal medicine. She had some prior knowledge about herbs, as reading was her hobby back then, in her own words she read more and after her research, she made the skin care and hair care products that she first applied to herself. She says, “Today I am using these for the past 40 years and so neither my hair has turned grey nor my skin has lost its glow”.

Seema tells us her secret to black hair and glowing skin is that she refrains from using chemicals. For the past few years, she has been using her products. People with permanently damaged skin and hair also came to her and she helped them using her products. She also understood the deficiencies which lead to hair loss and the diet needed to control it. The other major issue she dealt with was skin pigmentation, she helped her customers in dealing with pigmentation and started giving this product to clients too. She started making and using her facial kit and stopped buying from the market anymore. This too had a beautiful visible result.

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Slowly and gradually people started asking her about her secret hair oil. She had to make the hair oil from the scratch. She recalls,” It required too much hard work and was also very costly. The more purity you seek, the costlier it gets.” To achieve purity and quality was a task and she did it perfectly. She goes on to tell us that she can proudly say that all her products at Angraag are 100% pure, preservative-free, and, chemical-free with zero side effects. You can visit the Angraag store on Indic Brands here on this link.

The journey for her was not very smooth. It was challenging but interesting. One of the major challenges she had to face was the packaging. To keep the shell life high without using any preservatives. How long can a cream intact its freshness and other such logistic issues. She has all of the formulae and does the mixing work herself. She is the face of the business and does most of the work herself. These were the initial struggles she had to face.

Talking about her products she informs the readers that her most loved and a personal favorite is the anti-hair fall package which consists of hair oil; and a hair mask which is a new concept and helpful.  Then there is Raktabh Henna natural hair color which she considers miraculous it has zero chemicals and is to be applied on Henna applied hair, night crème, all-purpose crème, face serum made from kumkumadi Kesar, and other natural ingredients. Cremes are made from natural oils and plant extracts. She has used the secrets of Indian Queens and Indian traditions passed on through generations. In the future, she has planned to launch a Gulab Jal and a kajal, and an undereye creme. She is currently using the kajal she made herself and stored in a silver box. Her products range include skincare, haircare, body scrub, and body polishing.

Initially, due to a lack of online and digital sales, she could not get the proper reviews from the customer and whether they were able to follow the instructions correctly. Knowing the results acts as a great motivation for the creator. Seema hopes her products reach more and more people. She has read about the harmful effects of the chemicals which are cancerous, dangerous, and damages the skin permanently. Her idea behind this company was that we should not apply something to our skin that is not edible, because it is going into our body. The mission of Angraag is to protect our new generation from the side effects of harmful chemicals. All her products are preservatives and are chemical-free. Products of Angraag are safe for children too and suitable for both men and women. She hopes to make skincare and haircare a happy and healthy journey for others too.

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