Rogan Painting

  • ROGAN PAINTING -Traditional Kutch Handcraft Free Hand Painting Art (Framing – on Request) – SIZE : 30 cm x 20 CMs

    Sold By: Ethnics of kutch

    About : Rogan Painting Art

    The word Rogan comes from Persian, meaning varnish or oil. Rogan painting, is an art of cloth printing practiced in the Kutch District of Gujarat, India.

    In this craft, paint made from boiled oil and vegetable dyes is laid down on fabric using a stylus (painting), with Free Hand.

    Unique part of Rogan Painting is the way it is laid out on Fabric as well the paint itself.

    Typical and tough part of Rogan Painting is that there is no pre laid out pattern on the Fabric. The painting begins on plain cloth and artisan allows Sticky oil paint, made out of typical arduous boiling and cooling process of castor oil, to drop in a form a thin streak,  with a stylus, very precisely, following the image in his mind. 

    Needs high degree of concentration and mind body coordination, which has been mastered by Rogan Artisan.

    Rogan is precious vanishing art kept alive by Khatri Abdul Gafoor and his close family members and their descendants. 

    Belonging to Village Nirona, 40 KMs from Bhuj City in Kutch,  Khatri Abdul Gafoor won National Award in 1997 and Padma Shri Award 2019, among many other awards. His family members too have baged numerous awards.

    “TREE OF LIFE” Rogan was the precious gift PM Narendra Modi once gifted to the US President upon his visit to USA

    This Painting is small version of same concept ” TREE OF LIFE”

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