Academic Hinduphobia


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The departments for the study of ancient India (Indology) and South Asian Studies in the West are the last bastions of colonialism today. In the name of scholarship, which is often hatred and racism in disguise, Hindus are routinely characterized as misogynists, oppressive, anti-minority, irrational, violent and debauched. The author terms this mass-produced hate-mongering literature as ‘Atrocity Literature’. Indian culture, he says, is reduced to ‘cows, caste, curry, sati and dowry.’ If these scholars are to be believed, several sections of Hindu society are apparently in need of being ‘saved’ by those bearing the white (wo)man’s burden even today. This volume is a compilation of several path-breaking essays, most of which were published online at the turn of the century.
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1. Pages : 446
2. Edition : December 2022
3. Author : Rajiv Malhotra
4. Binding : Paperback
5. MRP : 449/-

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