An Outline of History of Saiva Philosophy


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Saiva Philosophy is an outgrowth of the religion characterized by the worship of the phallic form of God siva. Saivasm as a religion has persisted since the pre-historic time of the archaeological finds of Harappa and Mohenjodaro. It has a continuous history of at least five thousand years. It is a living faith praciced all over India. AN OUTLINE HISTORY OF SAIVA PHILOSOPHY first appeared as part of Volume III of Bhaskari in 1954 in the Princess of Wales Saraswati Bhavan Texts Series. The work is now reprinted as an independent volume to meet an increasing demand of the interested readers and scholars.


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Dr. K.C. Pandey (1970- ) is Reader in the Department of Philosophy, DDU Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur.  He has also taught at the colleges of Delhi University, B.R.A. Bihar University and Himachal Pradesh University.  With awarded writings to his credit, he has contributed research papers in journals and anthologies in India and abroad, such as, Philosophical Investigations, Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research, Indian Philosophical Quarterly, Summerhill IIAS Review, Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences, and Paramarsh.  His other published works are:  Wittgenstein Ke Darshan Ki Ruprekha, Tulanatmak Darshan, Perspectives on Wittgenstein’s Unsayable and Ludwig Wittgenstein:  Ethics and Religion.

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