Ecosattva Universal GreenWrap Honeycomb Dispenser, Compatible with All Roll & Core Sizes | Lightweight and Easy to Assemble

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GreenWrap is a fantastic replacement for plastic bubble wrap films. It cushions and protects your fragile items during storage and transit. GreenWrap comes in a flat sheet form and must be manually stretched to wrap your products inside it.
Ecosattva Universal GreenWrap Dispenser makes this process effortless, as it conveniently stretches the paper into a honeycomb structure with ease and efficiency. Our dispenser has a unique design and is compatible with all rolls having different core sizes and widths.

Our dispenser not only reduces manual effort but also significantly improves the wrapping speed and packaging throughput while stretching the paper to its maximum length. Products can be wrapped safely by locking the angled paper cells together without the need for any adhesive tape. The dispenser can be loaded very quickly, increasing the efficiency of your operation.

The dispenser has a tension adjuster knob to provide adequate tension to the roll for faster and cleaner stretching. The dispenser also has rubber suction pads at the bottom, helping fix the machine to the surface giving better stability and steadiness. The dispenser comes in a flatpack box which makes it convenient to ship and store.

Flatpack Box Dimensions L x W x H (MM) – 620 X 210 X 75
Dispenser Weight – 3.75 KGS

1) Universal Design- Our dispenser is compatible with all roll sizes of different core sizes and widths.
2) Faster Packaging- The dispenser increases efficiency and productivity by reducing the manual effort required to stretch the GreenWrap paper effectively.
3) Saves Space – The dispenser is very compact and is placed on any tabletop. It is very convenient to move it around as it is lightweight.
4) Easy to Attach to any surface – While it is lightweight, it comes with rubber suction pads to make sure that it doesn’t move while you are using it.
5) Easy to Store and Ship- The dispenser is shipped in a flatpack, making it convenient to assemble, ship and store.

1) Less Transport and Storage Cost: As compared to bulky bubble wraps, Greenwrap and the dispenser is much more economical as it requires less space for storage and transport, which helps in reducing the cost of transporting and storing significantly
2) Lesser time to pack products: with the help of this dispenser the packer can finish wrapping the product in one quick flow without having to use scissors or tape, as it is tear-able by hand and interlocks itself

How to use it?
Step 1-Assemble the dispenser as per the instructions in the provided manual.
Step 2:- Place the dispenser on a clean, dry surface platform and load your honeycomb paper roll to the dispenser.
Step 3:- Adjust the tension before use for proper stretching.
Step 4:- Pull the honeycomb paper to stretch and place your product inside it
Step 5:- Keep pulling the paper gently and wrap your product simultaneously inside it
Step 6:- When the product is completely wrapped, interlock the paper from the sides and tear the paper gently from the end.

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