God’s Physics: Beyond the Edge of Quantum-Reality


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About the Book:

Can ‘constancy’ in inertial speed of light be assumed as ‘quantized value’ of free moving photon-particles? If so, that will harm nothing in basic principles of Special Relativity Theory. But such a tiny addition in our notion about inertial speed of light would have huge impact in present physics. This is a monograph of earlier 3-published articles of author, and presented a Quantized Hypothesis for all inertial-motions by deriving a long expected unified equation of everything with ‘non-zero & finite’ values in Special & General Relativity Theories and Quantum Mechanics in 10-dimensions. It also has resolved so many inconsistencies of current physics. But, beyond such unification, one non-quantized continuum of all ‘zero & infinity’ values also appeared with broken causality of events having no conventional sequences of causes and effects, which is obviously a territory of the physics but runs by all subjective ‘Wills’. The ‘Wills’ of what or whom? Is it the physics of God?

About the Author:

While looking back it seems like a journey of three decades. The journey, once was started with some simple questions asked by a snooping undergraduate boy: why free motions of different ‘particles’, including a photon, have there so many different magnitudes in absence of forces? Because, are those ‘free-motions’ also quantized as like as the ‘free-mass-energies’ of particles? If so, what would be its probable consequences in current physics?

Next was something like a long trail of one poor snail in reaching to the ‘arc’ but without knowing where that could be or how to be there. Finally, after so many failed efforts, the work became published in journal through the form of three papers during years 2014-2018.

Author is an Independent Thinker and working with charities in India. He is development planner to reduce poverty- pressures on local socio-environmental ecosystems. He is married, and graduated from University of Calcutta with Science beside other professional qualifications.

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