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kanakadharastavam book

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kanakadharastavam book
At some point, as a little fellow, he was on bhiksha for aid to set up his lunch and stumbled upon the doorstep of an extremely helpless Brahmin woman. Having nothing consumable in her home, the woman hysterically looked through her home, just to locate a solitary amla (Amalak, gooseberry) organic product which she at that point reluctantly offered to Sankara. Sankara was so moved by the fantastic benevolence and magnanimity of this lady that he burst forward into verse and sang 21 refrains in recognition of Goddess Lakshmi. Satisfied by the magnificence and intensity of the psalm, the Goddess showed up before him and asked him for what valid reason he had recalled her. Sankara begged the Goddess to turn around the fortunes of this present woman’s family by conceding her wealth. From the start, Goddess Lakshmi wouldn’t do as such, saying that the woman had not been altruistic in her past birth and was limited by the laws of karma to have a destiny bound to destitution in her present birth. Sankara begged the Goddess that the woman’s demonstration of supreme magnanimity ought to clear her of her wrongdoings of the past and that Lakshmi was the just a single fit for changing the destiny of somebody by deleting or changing the works of things to come made by Master Brahma. Goddess Lakshmi was satisfied to the point that she in a flash gave the woman’s home goose berries made of unadulterated gold
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Title: Sri Subramanyeswara Swami Charitra
Author: Sri Sri Pada Venkata Subramanyam
Publisher: Gollapudi Veeraswami Son
Binding: Paperback
Published Date: 2018
Number Of Pages: 216
Language: Telugu
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Gollapudi Viraswami Son Publications
gantala pancham 2020 – 2021

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