The Philosophy of Jnanadeva: As Gleaned from the Amrtanubhava


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The Present work is devoted to the philosophical teachings of Jnanadeva the well-known 13h century saint and genius of Maharashtra in whom we find a rare combination of poetry, philosophy and deep religious experience. The author has based his work mainly on Jnanadeva’s Amrtanabhava, but he has also taken into consideration other works of Jnanadeva. He gives a clear and lucid exposition of Jnanadeva’s theory of Chidvilasa, which is approached by him through an acute criticism of the theory of Avidya. He also shows how Jnanadeva’s philosophy culminates in his conception of natural devotion and forms a firm foundation of the Bhakti-cult in Maharashtra. The views of Jnanadeva are also compared with those of Eastern and Western thinkers. This is the first attempt to present in English the Philosophy of Jnanadeva in a systematic form and to convey a clear vision of his lofty and integral idealism.


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