Understanding the Mind: An Explanation of the Nature and Functions of the Mind


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An explanation of the nature and functions of the mind * What is the mind and how does it work? * Which types of mind lead to inner peace and happiness, and which do not? * How can an understanding of our mind be applied to our daily life? Understanding the Mind provides a practical explanation of the mind in a unique combination of profound philosophical exploration and practical psychology. Part One explains how Buddhist psychology is based on an understanding of the mind as a formless continuum that is related to, yet separate from, the physical body. Though understanding the nature of the mind and the process of cognition we can attain a lasting state of inner peace and happiness that is independent of external circumstances. Part Two explains the many types of mind and shows how we can abandon those that harm us, while increasing those that lead to personal joy and fulfilment. Throughout the book Geshe Kelsang skilfully shows how we can apply our understanding of our mind to improve our daily life.


“a great help to the students of oriental philosophy in general and Buddhist psychology in particular. The introductions, illustrations, appendices, glossary and index enhance the value and usefulness of the work.” – Vedanta kesari, Janurary, 2006

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GESHE KELSANG GYATSO, a fully accomplished meditation master and internationally renowed teacher of Buddhism, is the author of a series of highly acclaimed books that transmit perfectly the ancient wisdom of Buddhism to our contemporary life. He has also founded many Buddhist Centres throughout the World.

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