Pachisi Pagade (Mahabharatha Series)


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Pagade or Pachisi is also known as the Indian cross and circle board game , Pachisi, Pagade, Thayam, Ludo, Chaupar, Aksa kreeda, Dayakattam, Chokkattan, Parchis, Chaupar, Mahabharata, Ancient Indian Board Game

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Pagade Pachisi

Pagade Pachisi

Learn how to play Pagade (Pachisi) here

Pagade or Pachisi is also known as Indian Cross and Circle Board Game, Pachisi, Pagade, Thayam, Ludo, Chaupar, Aksha Kreeda, Dayakattam, Chokkattan, Parchís, Chaupar, Mahabharatha , Ancient Indian Board Game

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Ages: 5yrs +

  • A soft and fine silk  Mega size mat with dimensions approx 42 * 42 inch
  • Game is embroidered with silk thread
  • Handcrafted pawns with Vegetable dye colors(Lacquer) from Channapattana
  • Each pawn is of dome shaped with height 1 inch and  0.75inch diameter.
  • Four pieces of Jet Black pawns
  • Four pieces of Cherry Red pawns
  • Four pieces of Pineapple Yellow pawns
  • Four pieces of Basil Green pawns
  • Two pieces of Long Dice / Daala with dimensions 2.75*0.5*0.5 inch
  • A small bag to pack the pawns and Cowrie shells
  • A play instruction  document
  • 6*8*2 inch Tin Box to package all the above

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